At least 8 people were killed during the Astroworld Festival. Several teenagers and high school students are among the victims whose identities have been confirmed. In addition to those killed, at least 25 people were transported to local hospitals. Houston Fire Department has confirmed that at least 11 victims had CPR performed. At least 13 victims are still in the hospital and at least 5 are minors under 18 years old.

Travis Scott, a rapper and organizer of the Astroworld Festival, has a history of encouraging concert goers to engage in “raging” and has had numerous events where people have been injured and have rushed the stage. Despite the injuries and deaths that were occurring, the notorious rapper Travis Scott refused to stop performing so that the victims could be treated and removed from the venue.

Travis Scott, Drake, and Live Nation are just a few of the bad actors that are responsible for the “raging” and crowd surge that led to numerous injuries and deaths at the Astroworld music festival.

During the festival on Friday night in Houston, the crowd started to compress toward the stage. This conduct was encouraged by Travis Scott on Friday and at his previous concerts. The festival didn’t have adequate security or medical personnel. The performers at the concert incited mayhem and chaos and continued to perform despite pleas to stop. Security guards were repeatedly asked by the crowd to intervene, but they also refused. Some victims were trampled to
death and some were crushed to death. More than 30 victims had injuries severe enough to require hospitalization.

Organizers promoted the concert by hyping up that people could get hurt and things would get crazy. Travis Scott also tweeted “THANKS TO EVERYBODY THAT PULLED UP TO RAGE!!!” Organizers hyped that prior events had been out of control on twitter, youtube, and instagram among other social media platforms. Since the concert, Organizers have removed all the social media content bragging about the chaos, violence, and criminal behavior.

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