Allstate insurance is very quick to cancel policies if premiums aren’t received on time, but very slow to pay claims when their insured’s file a claim. Many Allstate policy holders found this out the hard way after hurricane Harvey.

Since I have had dozens, if not hundreds, of cases against Allstate over the years I have seen firsthand the decline of this insurer. In one recent case I had against Allstate insurance, the insurance adjuster took the position that it was a “double denial” for nearly four years. This occurred, despite having the car accident captured on video which was provided to the adjuster. The adjuster conveniently “lost” the video after having promised to make a copy and Fed-ex the original back. Maybe the adjuster thought we would surely give up now. Fortunately, a copy of the video was made before it was sent to the adjuster.

After nearly four years of double talk, “double denials”, and other non-sense from Allstate, they offered us a low ball offer on the eve of trial which we turned down. Our clients received a jury verdict of $250,000 and with pre-judgment interest and costs the total amount came to almost $290,000. The pre-judgment interest was more than Allstate’s “final offer”.

This is typical behavior for Allstate.  Deny, deny, deny - delay, delay, delay - low ball, low ball, low ball. I’m glad our clients had the patience to not let Allstate’s four years of ridiculousness make them feel discouraged.

Allstate will also frequently deny that there is any insurance or coverage when there really is an insurance policy. If you have Allstate insurance or are in a
car wreck with someone that has Allstate insurance, I am really sorry. Your nightmare is just beginning.  Anytime I have a case against Allstate, I just file a lawsuit. You’re more likely to find a briefcase full of gold bars buried in your backyard than a reasonable Allstate adjuster.

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Justice delayed, but not denied.

Lawsuits against Allstate insurance

Allstate insurance company reaches

a new low in customer service and resolving claims

Over the past five to ten years, Allstate has quickly become one of the worst insurance companies in Texas.​

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