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Pearland Birth Injury Lawyer

During the birth of a child, close monitoring, appropriate response time, and proper procedures all play an important part to ensure a healthy delivery. Due to the inherent complications of labor and delivery, mistakes made on the part of medical professionals can cause debilitating injuries and may even cause you to lose your child.

If your child suffered a birth injury at the hands of a medical professional, speak with our experienced 
Pearland personal injury lawyer at the Law Office of James Zier, P.C. We will evaluate your case to determine if you are eligible to seek compensation for your family’s pain and suffering.

Delivery Room Negligence

Before, during, and after the birth of your baby, you trust that delivery room personnel will uphold the highest standards of care to ensure your baby is brought into the world under the best possible conditions. However, when nurses, midwives, obstetricians, or anesthesiologists do not provide the standard level of medical care or fail to appropriately respond to fetal distress, birth injuries may occur as a result of their medical malpractice. The following birth injuries are often attributed to delivery room negligence:

When you are faced with the uncertainty of raising a child with a significant disability, you may not know where to turn. In particular, the costs involved with lifelong medical treatment and surgeries, prescription drugs, and rehabilitation therapy may seem overwhelming. If your child suffered a birth injury as a result of medical negligence, you need an experienced 
personal injury lawyer to investigate your case and help you fight for the maximum compensation to which you are entitled.

Contact Our Experienced Pearland Labor and Delivery Injury Attorney

Birth injury lawyer James Zier has experience holding negligent medical providers responsible for birth traumas and is dedicated to fighting hospitals and medical institutions to ensure that substandard medical care does not go unpunished. If your child has sustained a significant birth injury as a result of
medical malpractice, contact us for aggressive legal representation.

Call (281) 485-3377 to speak with Pearland personal injury lawyer James Zier. He will personally travel to your home or hospital to meet with you and discuss all your options. 

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